How to upgrade canon 60d firmware

how to upgrade canon 60d firmware

how to upgrade canon 60d firmware

 · Insert the SD card with the firmware into the camera. Turn the Power Switch , and then press the

button to display the menu. Press the Multi-controller to select the "Firmware Ver.x.x.x" item at the bottom of the "Set-up 3 (Yellow)", and then press the button. The firmware update screen will appear.

 · Right-click the zip file, and then select Extract All to extract the file. The extracted folder contains the firmware (File name: 60D00112.FIR, File size: 11,601,212 bytes) and instructions on the firmware update procedures (a PDF file in five languages: Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese).

EOS 60D / EOS 60Da Firmware Update, Version 1.1.2 [Windows] Last Updated : 14-Nov-2016 Issue Number : 0400283502

 · Warning, I say a dirty word at the very end.

 · how to update the firmwear on your canon 60d ,have your camera running the best softwear.

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 · This method will work on any canon DSLR, I have tried on Canon 70D and SL1 What Camera Gear do I use? Main Front view camera - Top vi...

 · This is a hands on tutorial on how to check and upgrade your Canon 600D t3i operating system (or firmware as it is called) to the latest version. Firmware ve...

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 · Listed below are recent firmware updates that apply to Canon's professional products. …

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